Benefits of Polarshine 35 Polishing Compound

  • Polarshine 35 is Fast and Efficient

  • Water borne silicone free rubbing compound

  • Polarshine-35 is designed to quickly and permanently remove sanding scratches on gelcoats and ceramic clearcoats

  • Capable to remove sanding scratches from P800 and finer depending on application and polishing pad.

  • Polarshine - 35 can be used on Gelcoat, Ceramic clearcoat, Old paint & Wood high gloss coatings

About Polarshine 35 Polishing Compound

Polarshine® 35 is a coarse polishing compound developed for demanding Industrial and Marine applications. Suitable for materials such as gel coats, high gloss lacquers and composites. Polarshine® 35 is fast and efficient compound, producing a high surface gloss and thus enabling you to minimize the sanding steps. This polishing compound has special emulsifying properties, which reduce the risk of drying out or overheating the surface. The viscosity of Polarshine® 35 reduces splashing and makes it is easy to use.

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