HUMILITY We welcome feedback as a gift towards improvement.
We continuously reflect on our own actions and seek new ways to improve.
RESPECT We engage with people from all cultures and backgrounds and appreciate their involvements in our quest.
We create a welcoming environment where everyone can contribute their best towards achieving meaningful goals.
INTEGRITY We follow each process with sincerity and commitment.
We uphold ethical principles at all times and always consider how our work and conduct impacts those around us.
STRIVING FOR BETTERMENT We never stop the quest for continuous improvement.
We act with speed and a high sense of urgency, never accepting the status quo.
TEAMWORK We build strong Teams through combining different perspectives together.
We involve all stakeholders and believe that no work is a one person endeavor.
OWNERSHIP We take ownership for our roles by sharpening our skills everyday.
We take responsibility for our actions and words.
PERSEVERANCE We strive to achieve our goals, regardless of size, through an agile and persistent mindset.
We see countermeasures that tackle root causes through.