Benefits of Polarshine 10 Polishing Compound

  • Polarshine - 10 is a Premium liquid polishing compound and finish in one

  • Water borne silicone free polishing compound

  • Polarshine-10 is designed to quickly and permanently remove sanding scratches from P1500 and finer on all types of surfaces, depending on polishing pad

  • Polarshine 10 can be used on Clear coats, Top coats, Polycarbonate, Acrylic surfaces, Solid surfaces & Gelcoats

  • Used in conjunction with natural lambswool Pro yellow and waffle pad to get excellent results

About Polarshine 10 Polishing Compound

The ultimate single compound system. Polarshine® 10 is a medium coarse polishing compound especially designed for achieving the best result after sanding with Mirka’s unique products. Polarshine® 10 is suitable for all paint systems and for polishing of scratch resistant clear coats. It is designed to keep the surface temperature low when polishing and it removes marks permanently. Polarshine® 10 is water-based and silicone-free and can be applied both by machine and by hand.

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